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Sneaker Surge has officially opened its doors to consignment. Have a pair of hype sneakers that you're bored of, no space in your closet anymore, or simply just want to rotate your fits?
We are here to help you sell your new or used pairs!



Whatsapp our concierge service with the following details:

A. Pictures of your pair (Box Label, pair of sneakers side by side, inner size label)

B. Where your sneakers was purchased from & an image of the invoice.

C. Your full name, contact phone number, email address


Once our concierge approves taking in your pair for consignment, we will need to authenticate your pair in our warehouse. You can send us your pair by

A. Setting up a collection time with our concierge (service areas include, Admiralty, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok) at a price of 50HKD.

B. Drop off your pair at the following address

601 Houston Center

63 Mody Road

TST, Kowloon

Hong Kong

Contact No. +852 97557436

C. Ship your product to the following address
(Please note, you will be responsible for paying for shipping)

601 Houston Center

63 Mody Road

TST, Kowloon

Hong Kong

Contact No. +852 97557436


Once our warehouse receives and authenticates your pair, you will receive a confirmation with your

A. Seller ID

B. Listed pairs for consignment

C. Suggested selling price

D. Condition of Sneaker

We will need your approval on the suggested selling price via email, or whatsapp before we list your pair for sale.


Once your pair has been sold, you will be asked for your preferred payment method. These are the following options

A. Bank Transfer


C. Paypal


Sneakers for consignment

A. Your pairs must be 100% legit.

B. Our Sneaker Surge team has the right to accept or decline your pair

C. Once our warehouse has received your pair, it will go through our authentication process, if it fails to be verified, you will be notified. You will then be given options on how to receive your pair back. We will either:

  • 1.Ship it back to you on your account
  • 2.Arrange a collection for you in our TST location

D. Commission: Sneaker Surge will take a 20% commission of the final selling price.

E. Cleaning: Our team will clean your pair to ensure it sells for the highest price.

F. Consigned pairs are held for 90 days. If your pair does not sell within 90 days, you will be contacted for the following options:

  • 1.Suggest a lower price
  • 2.Return the pair back to you (on your account)

G. If you would like your pair returned before the 90 day period - please kindly contact us via whatsapp or email. Our turnaround time for returning pairs is 7 working days. (If it has sold within this time frame, you will be notified).

H. If your pair has been damaged on its way to us, we will inform you via email or whatsapp.

I. Payments will be made within 7 days of your pair being sold.