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This footwear giant is going green with its
Next Nature Dunk Collection

January 31, 2022

You may wonder, what all the hype is about when it comes to Nike’s Next Nature Dunk Collection. To the naked eye there might not be any difference between a Dunk Low or a Dunk Low Next Nature but it's all about the materials involved. Nike is taking the sustainable route with their Next Nature Dunk Collection, using materials that are eco-friendly and are at least 20% recyclable.



Nike has started this initiative and their journey to move towards zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. To kick off Nike’s Move to Zero Initiative they have started making their apparel under this collection with 50% recyclable material and their shoes with 20% recyclable material which consists of recycled polyester, nylon and sustainable cotton.


The Dunks are the main character in Nike’s sustainable journey. You need not worry about the look and feel of your all time favourite Dunks, they are still the same but sustainable at heart. The insoles of the Next Nature Dunks are a bright green to signify the green approach Nike has taken. We’ve always known for the Dunks to come in a variety of colourways and options and the Next Nature Collection is no way behind. For this particular collection they have already launched the Wmns Dunk Low Next Nature in ’Pale Coral’, ‘Black White’,Sail’, ‘Bubblegum’, andUniversity Red’, Wmns Dunk High Next Nature in ‘Pink Oxford’, and many more traditional colourways are going to be introduced in 2022. With this, Nike can achieve their high demand for Dunks as well as take an environmentally responsible route at the same time.




We are elated to see Nike drop more sneakers under the Next to Nature umbrella but also can't wait to see what Nike has up their sleeves when it comes to the Move to Zero initiative. This initiative might just make a huge pivot for the sneaker industry with such a big player going sustainable, we are looking forward to see other brands taking the sustainable route this year!