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Where sport has no rules- Nikeland

December, 2021

The OG Nike has entered into the metaverse and we can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

The American multinational Nike has partnered up with Roblox, an online gaming platform. By taking its first step into the Metaverse Nike has announced Nikeland. For the newbees Nikeland is a virtual platform where users can interact and play free sports games and use articles of the firm virtually. It will be an immersive experience where participants create their own avatar dressed in exclusive virtual Nike clothing and accessories.

Like Nike believes in “Just Do It”, Nikeland follows the motto “Dream it, Make it, Play It” and has no limitations. Nike wants you to have a whole new experience and not just play sports the old fashioned way. When they say no rules they mean no rules at all, if you want to play tag on a trampoline or floor is lava with a dash of parkour, Nikeland is the place to be. Nikeland currently consists of virtual buildings, fields, stadiums and other arenas for players to indulge in several digitalized experiences. Want a soccer field in your own yard? Only Nikeland can make that possible. Not just that you can even talk to gamers real time to connect and build a community at Nikeland!

If creating your own virtual world wasn't enough, you can do all this while your avatar is dressed in Nike’s digital drip. You can indulge in virtual sneakers that you've always wanted both basic and limited edition. You can find a collection of Nike shoes, clothes and accessories to make your avatar stand out, Nikeland even provides you a free exclusive Nike cap and backpack you can take with you anywhere on Roblox to represent you being a member of the Nikeland.

Nike has left no barriers when it comes to merging the virtual with the reality. You can unlock cool features by just getting your body moving! Gamers can move their phones and their bodies in real life to make movements in the game such as long jumps and speed runs. All you got to do is shake your mobile device to activate super abilities. Always wanted superpowers? Cop the Air Max’s at Nikeland and get to jump sky high. They have also introduced a platform to showcase and promote their products in the Nike Digital Showroom, players can gear up in the Og’s like the Nike Air Force 1s and Nike Blazers.

As of now, this too cool to be true virtual gaming land is free for users. All they have to do is jump into Nikeland by clicking here . For the innovators who always want more and if Nikeland was not enough Vans is launching a skateboarding world inside of Roblox and for all the fashion divas out there Ralph Lauren is launching a holiday themed experience through Roblox.

Our loyalties stay with Nike though and we are all set with our Nike cap and backpack to rock the gaming world. Nike could kick off a whole new virtual world with Nikeland and we can't wait to see what is next for them!