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Courtside Chat with Sallys Sneakers

March 05, 2021

We sat courtside with @sallysneakers the female sneakerhead influencing the industry with her early access to rare pairs and complementary styling. She shares her experience starting her gram, her dreams for the future and advice on how to kickstart your own Sneaker-gram. 

Some people collect jewelry, some collect coins, paintings, or antiques. I collect sneakers. Some because I find them beautiful, some because they're special, most because they tell a story. 

1. How did you decide to start posting your Sneaker fits on Instagram?

Initially when I started @sallyssneakers I wanted to keep the focus on the shoes while staying somewhat anonymous which is why I only really did on feet shots for almost a year. This wasn’t based on personal insecurities as some might think. Two factors played a role in this: 1: at the time I started my page I was studying for my Masters Degree in Psychology and had 6 months left of my studies. Denmark is a small country and I’ve always wanted to work with kids and youth – a target group that spends a lot of time on social media. At the time I didn’t want to risk compromising my authority as being a psychologist by being a public figure. 2: I didn’t really find I necessary to make it about my looks and appearance when it’s about the shoes. I guess as I got more and more invested in @sallyssneakers I naturally wanted to expand and share more of myself, my outfits and who I am.

2. What is the secret to your success?

Haha this is a good question and I think it’s really hard to say. When I started @sallyssneakers I wanted to offer people what I always looked for when buying sneakers; proper on foot pictures of shoes that could help me decide if the shoes are a cop or drop. I always looked at my content with the question: would I buy the shoes if I saw this? I also believe having a genuine interest in sneakers and having an eye for aesthetics is a key to success.

3. What would be your one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start their own “Sneaker-gram”?

My advice mostly goes the same: post what you love (it makes it easier!), engage with the sneaker community (what goes around comes around- like, comment, share and often you’ll get the same in return), you should find YOUR purpose: what do you want to share with people on the gram? When you start building your page I’d recommend using hashtags and tagging repost accounts. Last but not least, be humble and stay humble throughout it all. Always try and be kind to others.

4. Did the COVID Pandemic impact your business, if so in what way?

I guess it did in a way because I had big plans on travelling and expanding my growth both personal but also industry wise. I started @sallyssneakers back in 2019 and finished my degree that summer. I went back and forth with myself in terms of what I wanted to do: psychology or sneakers and when 2019 was coming to an end I was certain 2020 would my year- sadly I didn’t get to travel and meet some of the amazing people I’ve connected with over the time as being @sallyssneakers. Despite this I would say, even though I haven’t really had the opportunities I imagined I’m grateful to be well and safe and for the growth I’ve experienced still.

5. If you were not running “SallysSneakers” what would you be doing instead?

I would probably work with my Psychology degree. I did my Masters Thesis on children with different ethnic backgrounds and the dilemmas they’re facing in the Danish Public School system. Being bi-cultural myself (Iranian) it’s always been a big passion of mine to make a difference for children with similar backgrounds facing difficulties.

6. If you could have any super power, what would it be? 

I think I would have healing powers. Seeing all the bad in the world and people dying because of the virus, cancer and other life threatening diseases really makes you wish you could do something to help. If that weren’t an option I’d probably want to fly! Imagine being able to do that.

7. Do you have a team to help you manage your Instagram and create your pictures? 

I don’t at all. I’m actually not at a point where I have the resources to do that – hopefully in the future. I do all my content on my IPhone on my own and edit my pictures myself. I do have a team in terms of being signed with ThePauseAgency. They help me get jobs and monitor my email etc.

8. How long does it take you to plan each post?

Really depends – there are good and bad days. Sometimes it takes me 1 hour to get a picture in and sometimes it can take up a whole day. Whether I have natural sunlight or not plays a big role in terms of the amount of time I have to spend on editing my pictures. Sometimes you have an idea in your head of an outfit or a color combination you think works and it ends up flopping. I’m a perfectionist by heart so I spend a lot of time getting what I feel is the “perfect shot”. I also stay active for at least 1 hour after posting- reply comments etc., I love engaging with my followers and people who support me.

9. What is your goal for “SallysSneakers”?

My ultimate aspiration is to be able to do my own sneaker collaboration and to tell my own story. Manifesting gets you far and I’ve learnt that if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. There has always been more to @sallyssneakers than just being a page- I’m working towards establishing my own brand as well.